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Shop for handmade items from your favorite artists, designers and vintage sellers.
Please contact Batavia MainStreet with any questions at 630.761.3528 or

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Artisan Collective

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Artisan Collective Directions & Policies


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What to Do:

  1. Please fill out the artisan application above.
  2. Vendor acceptance and placement based on the type of merchandise, the number of spaces rented, and the size of the location (by the sole discretion of Batavia MainStreet).
  3. Vendors will be notified via email upon acceptance.
  4. Any specific set up and/or location information will be sent out on the Wednesday before the show.

How We Play:

  1. It is expected that vendors will be respectful of the host and the patrons of the collective. We are guests in these businesses.
  2. Be mindful of your behavior in your space. Does it reflect that you are friendly and there to make sales? A smile and conversation are the best ways to make people stop and look.
  3. Although Batavia MainStreet provides press releases to surrounding publications, it is vendor’s responsibility to advertise as well. The Artisan Collective is run by volunteers and is a very low cost way for vendors to show their wares. We all need to work together to get the word out! A PDF postcard is provided each month for vendors to use as advertisement.