Batavia is a classic city with a vibrant culture and an eclectic mix of urban attractions. Visitors can marvel at the works of local artists and craftsmen, enjoy a diverse range of thoughtfully curated events, or indulge in the array of restaurants and bars.
The community takes great pride in preserving the natural environment, creating an inviting and lively atmosphere. From relaxing shopping days and leisurely coffee walks to dinner dates and nights out, there is always something happening in Batavia to keep the locals and visitors thoroughly charmed.

At Batavia Mainstreet, we strive to create a thriving ecosystem that expresses the values and aspirations of the population. We prioritize the hands-on development of our local businesses, nurturing them as they progress toward achieving their individual pursuits. The expansion of our community is facilitated through our crafted events, markets, and our unique Boardwalk Shops featuring talented local artisans. These elements differentiate Batavia and unite our locals and visitors to appreciate the downtown area while celebrating our rich history and promoting the arts.

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