4 Point Approach


How Does MainStreet Create Change?
It’s as easy as 1…2…3… 4!

The four-point approach of the Main Street Program is a comprehensive revitalization program made up of four components. Each of these components works as a team to solve problems in the downtown. You can join one of the four committees below.

1) Design

The design committee is there to enhance and beautify the physical appearance of the downtown, improving buildings, windows, sidewalks and other visual presentation of the downtown.
Current Projects: Downtown Banner Program, Downtown Beautification

2) Organization

Focused on volunteer recruitment and training as well as fundraising efforts to ensure Batavia MainStreet remains a vital organization.
Current Projects: Volunteer Recruitment and Training, Celebrate Success – Downtown Awards, Annual Meeting, Batavia House Walk, Cocktails on Clark

3) Promotion

The goal of the promotion committee is to create downtown and business promotions and special events to bring people back downtown to shop, recreate and socialize.
Current Projects: Batavia Community Garden, Batavia Triathlon, Green Walk, Batavia Farmers’ Market, Downtown Block Party – Taste of Batavia, BatFest

4) Economic Restructuring

The economic restructuring committee works to revitalize downtown by strengthening existing businesses and recruiting new ones by identifying opportunities and developing incentives.
Current Projects: Business Research and Recruitment, Broker Tour, Downtown Housing Initiative, Business Growth Assistance Program, Business Promotion Grant

Interested in becoming a volunteer?  Fill out a volunteer form and we will contact you. 

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Batavia MainStreet Internship

Batavia MainStreet advocates getting involved with your community. Through our internship program, individuals will gain experience in project management, event management, public service and downtown revitalization. If interested, please send a resume and cover letter to info@downtownbataiva.com