Batavia MainStreet Pie Bake-off Registration

The Batavia MainStreet Pie Bake-off is looking for someone just like you!

Grab your apron, dust off your pie tins and join us!

Sponsored by Physicians. Immediate care


  • All pies must be completely prepared by the entrant, no professional bakers please.
  • Homemade, including crust, dessert pies only.
  • Pies must include at least bottom and side crusts.
  • Pies will not be returned but cut and sold by the slice at the Block Party.

All proceeds going to Batavia MainStreet’s mission.

Submit registration and a $5 participation fee by Friday, September 1st to Batavia MainStreet (See below)

  • All pies should be dropped off at the Pie Bake-Off tent in the Peg Bond Center area no later than 4:15pm on Sunday, 9/3.
  • Pies requiring refrigeration must be brought in a cooler. No pies with raw eggs please.
  • All tins and coolers must be picked up from the tent by 8pm on 9/3.
  • Pie judging will begin at 4:45p on Sunday, 9/3. Contestants are not required to attend judging. Winners will be announced at 6:30p.

Categories: Fruit, Cream, Nut, Pumpkin or other

  • Pies submitted by entrants under the age of 16 will be judged in their own category.
  • Entrants may submit up to 4 pies in separate categories.
  • Judging will be based on the following: appearance (pre-slice), flavor, and general appeal. There will be winners for each category and one over-all winner. Category winners will receive a blue ribbon. The over-all winner will receive a blue ribbon and a $25 check. Also, the over-all winner will be recognized in the fall issue of Batavia Neighbors Magazine!

Winners must submit recipe upon request.

Batavia MainStreet Pie Bake-off Registration

  • Price: $5.00 Quantity: